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While much “About Us” – and what we’re hoping to do in the baseball community – can be found on other pages of our site, suffice it to say that we’re willing to help out in any which way we can when it comes to baseball.

Be it from offering grassroots programs, such our “Just Play Ball” initiative, to helping out those playing college baseball. Whether locally in Richmond where we’re based, or in other regions of the Province.

Let us know any time we can be off assistance to yourself (or anyone that you know) looking to enjoy the game as a player, casual participant or simply a “FAN” of the game!!



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“FAQ” About Playing Little League Baseball In Richmond (In 2018)

First off, “Thank You” for your interest here in checking out an exciting new opportunity for those wanting to play Little League Baseball in Richmond. Our goal here is to try to answer every question or concern you may have prior to registering your child anywhere for the 2018 Season. 

  1. “What’s the difference between Richmond Little League and Richmond City Baseball”.

There’s definitely a number of differences between the two….Richmond Little League is affiliated directly with the Province’s Provincial Sport Organization (Baseball BC), while Richmond City Baseball belongs to B.C. Minor Baseball (also known as BC Baseball)…. This does get confusing for participants – and as recently shown in the RCB YouTube video – even for their own existing players, coaches and Executive…. Besides that, they have some different rules to play by, some direct opportunities to play in Western and National Championships are different, their participant costs are definitely different, (see below), and of course, being able to play in the WORLD RENOWNED Little League World Series would be different… Those are just a few differences.

If you’d like any further questions answered on that, please feel free to contact serj@thedugoutclub.ca and I’ll do my best to explain the difference to the best of my knowledge.

While TDC re-established the LL program in Richmond, it’s being turned over to a newly formed Society known as “Richmond Little League“. This after our TDC group put together a very successful 2017 INAUGURAL Season on behalf of 25 first time players and their families. More information is available on the new groups website at www.richmondlittleleague.ca









2. “What’s the cost to play”?

That’s to be reviewed by the new board of “Richmond Little League”, but the plan is to keep it substantially lower than what has historically been offered by others for “Community Baseball”. For the 2018 Season at least, it’s going to be *FREE for the 2018 season for those children 8 years old and younger. (And for those parents that sign up to volunteer on a regular basis be it for coaching, board positions, etc)… KidSport funding is also available for those 9-12.

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Just a real quick “Thank You” to all who supported the “2016 JPB PROGRAM” offered for this year at KING GEORGE PARK in East Richmond.

Here’s a RICHMOND NEWS article on the program!!

Stay tuned for some cool pics, videos, new ideas going forward, and much, much more in the very near future!!


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