Contests / Promotions / Give-Aways

“THANKS” for helping us promote our “JPB” program by purchasing one of our $20 T-Shirts and/or Hoodies doing just that!!

In return, and to be clear this is NOT a raffle or draw, etc, (per se). I’m personally just giving away stuff – as per the JPB GIFT LIST – MAY 9th : 2016 – to those that have been supportive of helping us out..….(All the items have been donated and do not come from TDC resources).

The method used to determine a recipient of a random “gift” is to a) Draw ONE of the Gift Prizes first (from the bucket) and then to b) Blindly chose one of the cards that are face down and represent all those that purchased a “T” prior to the draw.

Pretty simple, right???…..EXCEPT the part where you have to read one of my emails showing the “WINNER’S LIST”, and then get a hold of me!!

Check back often as you like to see if YOU are one of the lucky recipients as there’s some pretty cool stuff that will come out along the way!!

NOTE: For those of you that would like to donate any prizes in order to help promote your own business or establishment, we’re TOTALLY open to accepting such….(Ok, within reason!!!)


DRAW DATES ARE RANDOM (but posted in advance). NEXT DRAW: Feb 28th or sooner!!

Feb 14th VALENTINE’S DAY Draws – Mack Whitford – Starbuck’s Card; Greg Ralla – Starbuck’s Card; Bill Ireland – C’s Tickets

Jan 30th / 2017 Gift Winner – Chris Ramsden – C’s Tickets

Dec 3oth NEW YEAR DRAWS – Grant Sargeant – Canucks Tix; Ian McIntyre – Tim’s Card; Gord Thomas – C’s Tickets; Dave Johal – Lulu Island Liquor Store; Sawas Paul – Starbucks; Nick Herbert – Starbucks; Cory Carpentar – C’s Tix; Brian Schwartz – The BEST of ALL… 3 / One Hour Dance Lessons!!.. (Or another T shirt!!)

Nov. 7th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Junior Deleon – M&M MEATS (RMD) Card

Oct 26th / 2016 GIFT Winner Rhys Verde Rios – Starbuck’s Card

Oct 26th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Cam Walker – C’s Tickets

Aug 28th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Nathan Swartz – Tim’s Card

Aug 12th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Bill Ireland – Starbuck’s Gift Card

July 30th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Evan Doneza – TIM’S Gift Card

July 16th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Nathan Mottl – TIM’S Gift Card

July 1st / 2016 GIFT Winner –  Jon Ong – TIM’S Gift Card

JUNE 19th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Lauren and Devon Kyle – TIM’S Gift Card

MAY 23rd / 2016 GIFT Winner  Gord Thomas – Starbuck’s Gift Card

MAY 8th / 2016 GIFT Winner – Jordan Payawal – 3 Free 1 hour Dance Lessons (or another $20 T to reenter the draw.)


Random Gifts are drawn first from this bucket

Random Gifts are drawn first from this bucket

One of the names of those that purchased a T-Shirt are then drawn to receive the corresponding gift!!

One of the names of those that purchased a T-Shirt are then drawn to receive the corresponding gift!!