Welcome To Our Site!!

While much “About Us” – and what we’re hoping to do in the baseball community – can be found on other pages of our site, suffice it to say that we’re willing to help out in any which way we can when it comes to baseball.

Be it from offering grassroots programs, such as our original “Just Play Ball” initiative, to helping out those playing college baseball. Whether locally in Richmond where we’re based, or in other regions of the Province.

Let us know any time we can be off assistance to yourself (or anyone that you know) looking to enjoy the game as a player, casual participant or simply a “FAN” of the game!!

The ultimate goal, of course, is to give you an opportunity to “PlayBetterBaseball” wherever or whenever!!



About Serj

I'm the guy keeping the whole thing running! Occasionally the International "Head of Baseball."
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