It may be a large challenge for us to “Make a difference in the COMMUNITY”, but our motto is and always will be “We’d rather fail at something we love, than succeed at something we don’t”.

Not to be deterred by the many obstacles one is bound to see when trying something new, TDC is happy to announce we can now move forward in helping to engage BOTH BOYS and GIRLS in the great game of BASEBALL (as we have secured park access from the City of Richmond.)

With the help of our many partners and supporters, we’re going to continue to try to provide that opportunity for many of those children, that for one reason or another, have “never given it a try”… In helping out recently introducing the game through BASEBALL BC’S WINTERBALL program at a number of schools, we’ve definitely seen that there’s quite a few!!

McNeely Winterball1-2016




The opportunity is open to everyone…..(4-12 years of age)..Whether you’re just starting out playing sports, or perhaps one of those athletes that are already being “pressured to play just one sport”.  (Something that most athletes and experts have actually advised against as being “counter productive to excelling at a sport”.)

If you’d like to sign up for the FREE SESSIONS, or get more information, please fill out the form on our “Just Play Ball” page.

If you’d like to help out with your participation, equipment donations, or at the very least, be willing to post one of these JUST PLAY BALL FLYERS in your School, Church, Food Bank, etc, you can contact info@dugoutclub.ca and we’ll get back to you asap!!

NOTE: If you’re at all interested in seeing the type of things TDC does to help out, please visit our FUNDRAISING page to see past recipients.

Thank You all for your interest in this program and PLEASE keep an eye out for our TDC T-CONTEST that will help fund this program!!…..Lots of “sweet prizes” to be won to go along with our JUST PLAY BALL T’s that you’ll be sporting for a great cause!!

Serj Sangara – TDC Director

About Serj

I'm the guy keeping the whole thing running! Occasionally the International "Head of Baseball."
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