Van Cnds Baseball Tickets, Etc “Give-Away Contest” – Currently Supporting The Just Play Ball Program

“THANK YOU” for taking an interest in our “JUST PLAY BALL” program as well as all our causes!!

Check back often as you like to see if YOU are a WINNER in our RANDOM GIVE-AWAYS!!!….If the prize is shown as C’s tix or Canuck’s tickets, please click on the SCHEDULE links below to pick a game for yourself. (Subject to availability).

Also, for those of you that would like to donate any prizes in order to help promote your own business or establishment, we’re TOTALLY open to accepting such….(Ok, within reason!!!)

DRAW DATES ARE RANDOM (but posted in advance). NEXT DRAW MAY 22nd / 2016….. See CONTEST TAB for details!!

NOTE: YOU HAVE 72 HOURS FROM POSTED DRAW “RESULTS’ TIME TO CONTACT US AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZE. This is done by either emailing or texting 604.250.3432


Why the contest???…..As part of our continuing efforts to help promote the game of baseball, as well as fostering our relationship with the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club, TDC once again committed to a couple season tickets for the 2016 Season and would like to share them with those that support our causes!

The “Diamond Club Box Seats”, shared with Wild River Forest Products, are located in Section C, Row 6, Seats 3 & 4.

Above contest aside, if you know of anyone very deserving of perhaps using these tickets due to their volunteer efforts in helping out with or promoting baseball, or perhaps a youngster who has never been to a ball game, please drop us a line through our “Contact Us” form. Also, if you’d like to perhaps purchase the tickets, with proceeds going back to help TDC in their other efforts to promote the game or help those around it, please feel free to drop us a line on that as well…(As you know, on many nights, the C’s tickets have become the hottest ticket in town.)…..Use this link for the C’s 2016 SCHEDULE 

Hope to see you out there taking in “The Greatest Game On Dirt”!!!

Note: Canuck’s 2016/2017 Schedule not available at time of post.

Serj Sangara – TDC Director
C's Seats 3C's Seats 2 C's Seats 1

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I'm the guy keeping the whole thing running! Occasionally the International "Head of Baseball."
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