TDC To Strongly Support Programs at “The BallYard at Sport Central”

As many are aware, TDC has been instrumental over the years in trying to help promote the game of baseball.

Be it with DC Baseball beginning in 2009, having the Richmond Olympic Oval include baseball into their legacy post Olympics, giving effort to help promote the BCMBA Midget program over the years. supporting the Van Canadians Foundation and most recently, helping set up and promote “The Ballyard at Sport Central“. 

While the Indoor facility has been deemed by many as “second to none” for winter training in the Lower Mainland, it required a more hands on approach going forward.

To that end, Jack Thompson has joined the group as an Owner / Manager / Instructor with Mark Wilson of Netex stepping away to do what he does best (build the best batting cages in the country of course), and allowing TDC and their Directors (specifically Serj),  to find “the next project”….i.e. The Richmond Indoor Hitting League providing incentives for personal instructors, supporting funding initiatives that help more players participate in the game, and just generally trying to keep the sport a viable option for sporting public.

Though many have and continue to view these projects as “conflicts” for our Directors, TDC has and always will see these efforts as “building resources” for the game of baseball and will therefore continue with their support of the facility going forth.

In closing, hopefully those inclined will see the value, as we have, of supporting those that are willing to “take risk” to help the game along…..:-o)

In Baseball.

Serj Sangara – TDC Director


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I'm the guy keeping the whole thing running! Occasionally the International "Head of Baseball."
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