With the almost near completion of LATRACE BASEBALL FIELD taking place, and without going into great detail at this time, TDC has identified a number of items they’d like to look to support going forth. (As outlined on our recent flyer. DUGOUT CLUB FLYERS April 2015 )

1. With the support of BASEBALL BC and City Staff, we’d like to work on FREE BASEBALL SESSIONS for ages 4 – 12 years old. Perhaps even implementing some aspects of “6 on 6 Baseball” as delivered in Quebec. 6 ON 6 BASEBALL PROGRAM – MARCH 2015

Details to follow, but we see this as once / week running through the spring / summer OUTDOORS and then following it up again by moving INDOORS during the FALL / WINTER…. (Indoor sessions would be “FREE” as well.)

2. We’re going to look to support a “Richmond (and/or Lulu Island) Little League (or similar type organization) that has direct ties to both the PSO for Baseball and by extension KidSport Richmond.

This opportunity is being reviewed in a number of municipalities throughout BC due to the present dynamics within the Province’s baseball community.

3. Looked at as far back as 2010, we’re going to attempt to resume discussions with the RICHMOND OVAL to see if we can’t help develop a Richmond based Baseball Academy. (Our plans on that are to work with a couple existing members of BASEBALL BC to see if they’d help champion this opportunity).

4. We’re going to continue to see if we can bring out “the highest level of baseball as possible” to Richmond be it on a temporary or permanent basis.

5. Last but not least, to see if we can work towards playing even a small part towards DEVELOPING a Richmond based baseball player to make it all the way to “THE SHOW” (MLB)

This, so that “we” too can have a “Community of Champion HOST ATHLETE” attend the KidSport Richmond Fundraiser…..:o)

While this one will be “the longest of odds”, it’s certainly one that we can begin to chase down in earnest with “ONE SMALL STEP AT A TIME”!!!

While GOALS are often extremely difficult in attaining, it’s “the journey and the characters you meet along the way” that often makes the end result seem irrelevant.

I’m looking forward to the “challenges” ahead!!

Serj Sangara


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I'm the guy keeping the whole thing running! Occasionally the International "Head of Baseball."
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