“Many Thanks” to the Van Canadians Baseball Club for the opportunity afforded to TDC to participate in their pre-season preparations for opening night.

Through this, the Richmond Chuckers Midget Alumni had an opportunity to face the 2014 RCB MIDGET AAA CHUCKERS on a beautiful night at Nat Bailey Stadium.

While the outcome of the game itself wasn’t decided until the late innings, both teams seemed to enjoy the moment and the opportunity from the get go as the Canadians went through their entire Opening Night rituals including the unveiling of their 3rd consecutive Championship banner!!!

The 2014 Chuckers, presently sitting in 2nd place in the Midget AAA Division, did what only the 2009 version had been able to do to this point, and that’s knock off the Alumni….I’m sure the late inning 2-0 win will be long forgotten, while the “memories” of having the opportunity to play where so many MLB stars have before them will continue to be cherished.

For a few pics of the event, visit the ALUMNI GAME PHOTO GALLERY and see if you know anyone in there!…..OR if you see anyone missing, PLEASE send me a pic or two!!


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