“FAQ” About Playing Little League Baseball In Richmond (In 2019 or 2020)

First off, “Thank You” for your interest here in checking out an exciting new opportunity for those wanting to play Little League Baseball in Richmond. Our goal here is to try to answer every question or concern you may have prior to registering your child anywhere for the 2019 or 2020 Season. 

  1. “What’s the difference between Richmond Little League and Richmond City Baseball”.

There’s definitely a number of differences between the two….Richmond Little League is affiliated directly with the Province’s Provincial Sport Organization (Baseball BC), while as of March 12th / 2019, Richmond City Baseball belongs to B.C. Minor Baseball (also known as BC Baseball)…. NOTE: This does get confusing for participants – and as shown in the RCB YouTube video – even for their own existing players, coaches and Executive.

Besides that, LL has some different rules to play by, some direct opportunities to play in Western and National Championships are different, their participant costs are definitely different, (see below), and of course, being able to play in the WORLD RENOWNED Little League World Series would be different… Those are just a few differencesPerhaps one of the MAJOR differences though at the present time – even when measured against other B.C. Minor associations –  is Richmond Little League players and many other BC Minor associations have a wide berth of opportunities to play various opponents and enter tournaments, whereas because of the current RCBA’s Executive’s current affiliation to BC Minor Baseball, Richmond City Baseball participants are limited in their opportunities to “play as they please”…. That could change after the 2018 RCBA AGM where a strong message was sent that the RCBA President was acting like a buffoon.

If you’d like any further questions answered on that – besides those further answered below in question #5 – please feel free to contact serj@thedugoutclub.ca and I’ll do my best to explain the difference to the best of my knowledge.

2. “What’s the cost to play”?

That’s to be reviewed by the new board of “Richmond Little League” each year, but the plan is to keep it substantially lower than what has historically been offered by others for “Community Baseball”, done partially by capitalizing on one of the world’s biggest “brand names”

NOTE: Participants will always incur some cost for buying pants, cleats, and athletic support for sure. Helmets, bats and  gloves would also be needed if not wanting to use the ones provided. Of those, we STRONGLY suggest players have their own helmets for sure.

Any other costs would be either approved by the team as a whole (i.e. jackets, bags, etc) or perhaps covered by sponsorships.

3. “Is there financial assistance available if needed for registration”?

Absolutely, as our belief is no child should hold off participating due to financial concerns. As a member of the PSO, kids playing baseball through the Little League organizations are eligible to apply for KidSport funding… Beyond that, if further help is needed, please reach out to us to see where we can help out be it through TDC or 5C.

3. “What days would games and practices be?”

ALL GAMES for 2018 were scheduled right at KING GEORGE PARK for either SAT AND/OR SUN. 2019 will depend on registration numbers and park availability… Strong possibility they will go Weds and Sundays.

PRACTICES: While the team has now moved onto “All-Stars” and numerous practice days, most practices were held on Weds nights and or the weekends for the regular season.

4.“How many games would they play”?

They’ll likely strive to set up an approx 16 game schedule again depending on number of teams and then playoffs.... Their intent is to keep travel to a minimum once again for the SPRING SEASON.…..But beyond that, depending on the enthusiasm of the group, there’s tournaments that can be entered as well Summer Ball and “ALL-STARS” for those that qualify and make the teams… The “MAJOR” winners would compete in District 6, with the Provincial winners then moving on to the Canadian Nationals and that “rare shot” at going to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania!!

4. “Is it just for boys or will girls be included as well”?

Absolutely it’s for both. Baseball BC has a program for Girls Baseball and we’d like to think we can be a part of it. That said, for those girls that would like to play Fastpitch – or both games – we’ve built a tie with RGSA and have added Fastpitch Instructors to our partner facility.

5. “Why do you think the LL option is better than RCB’s BC Minor option”?

Where do we begin… 1) As part of their “development”, players actually get to play weekly games instead of just “House Practices” as done for the 2018 season at RCBA and for 2019, just mixing in with PeeWee A House teams but not really getting to play as a team…. 2) Pitcher’s and Catchers get to work on their important functions for a longer period of time, while not worrying about baserunners “stealing” bases that they’re going to get 4 out of 5 times anyway.… 3) Players would also have the opportunity to tryout out for teams going to Westerns and Nationals. (Something not offered to RCBA’s players for the last 3 years or so)…. 4) Lower costs in all likelihood.….5) Reduced travel going the LL route has been the outcome the last few years…. 6) The LL program also lends itself very well to those playing other sports during the spring season.

All the above aside, both models may have their merits …..One has to look into their own beliefs, concerns, location, and hopes to ascertain what could work best for them on an informed individual basis.

6. “What’s their goal in the number of players they’re trying to get registered”?

While they 100% want to get out as many participants as possible – at a very, very nominal fee to play organized sports – their hope is to continue to build on the steps taken from both the 2017 and 2018 seasons by having one MAJOR team again, and 3-4 ROOKIE teams for 2019.

7. “Will TDC Still Have The Summer Fun League”? (JPB Program).

That will always be looked out from year to year… However, for the 2019 Season we’ve created an exciting NEW opportunity to involve Jack Thompson of 5TOOL baseball.. All the details can be found at www.JustPlayBall.Live …. and prepare for a great season of baseball!!

8. “What volunteer positions could we do besides what’s shown on the normal registration forms”.

With Richmond Little League just starting out “fresh and new”, MANY positions will need to be filled for the 2018 Season... Which really lends itself for many new voices to help form the basis of Richmond”s first and/or newest LITTLE LEAGUE program!!

9. “Can we register somehow besides just on-line”?

For sure……. Simply go to www.richmondlittleleague.ca 

10. “Could the team play in Baseball BC’s Provincial qualifier AND also still have a shot at going to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania each year?

Absolutely….For those players age eligible….. Also, with LL being a member of BASEBALL BC, they’d get in at the member rates and receive travel assistance if successful.

11.“Could my child play “ALL-STARS” in the summer and have a chance to go to the Little League World Series”?

YES!!!.. If they were good enough and met the criteria as far as being in Richmond’s catchment area. If interested in that opportunity – after playing at least 60% of the the Spring Season games – please review both the Richmond boundary maps and the League Age Determination Chart to ensure you would qualify.

Richmond Little League will had their own charter for the 2018 season. On that, a “letter of support” has been provided by Little League Canada.

Letter Of Acceptance – Charter for Richmond Little League

12. “Could my son play BOTH BC Minor Baseball and play Little League so I could try out for the LL Summer All-Star team when the time came”?

While LL would have no problem with that- as long as you played 60% of RLL’S scheduled games –  it may be against BC Minor rules at this point… (Even though they do seem to allow some players and teams to do that…You’d have to ask them if it’s possible to play both in order to enjoy the same experience they continue to covet in places like White Rock.)

13. “Who will be doing the “Player and Coach Development” for the Richmond LL Program”?

Jack Thompson from 5Tool Baseball will run a program put together by TDC and 5TOOL on Mondays for MAJORS / PEEWEE and Weds for ROOKIES… Details can be found at BOTH www.JustPlayBall.Live and www.PlayBetterBaseball.ca 

That’s it for now, but PLEASE keep your questions coming!!… Chances are that if YOU are wondering about it, then perhaps many others are as well.

Serj Sangara – TDC Director

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