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World Baseball Classic

Random pics from 2013 World Baseball Classic in Phx, Arizona

The BallYard at Sports Central

"The BallYard" is in reference to the turf fields located in the business operating as Sport Central…On it, users from Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Soccer, and hopefully in the future a multitude of other sports hone their skills!!

Richmond Midget AAA Chuckers

Random Pics of Midget AAA Team started in 2004 by Josh Ridgway and Chris Laing on behalf of Richmond Baseball. (Now RCB)


Knowing that lots of you follow "MLB's" Instagram link, I'm hoping we can build a file here of what you guys think are "Top Tier" choices and we'll highlight them here. Have thrown in just a couple to start but relying on YOU to become a contributor!!


Got any favourite "Alumni Pics" to share????....... You'll be surprised what you'll cherish 30 years from now!!!...(Started Aug / 2013)


TDC from time to time has helped out with this event put on by Richmond Sports Council in Minoru Park in Richmond.

Canuck Tickets - View From SECTION 117, ROW 11

From time to time, CANUCK TICKETS will come available to those working with, supporting, volunteering for, etc "The Dugout Club". Hopefully this album will not only hold a few pics from the seat location, BUT a whole bunch more of you guys in them!!

Latrace Field In Minoru Park

With Latrace Field possibly being moved or revamped in 2014, we've started a bit of a "before and after" album so we can look back from where it came. (Will try to get a few pics of concession, etc going forward) Have also thrown in a few pics of the UBC AT BASEBALL DIAMOND which we had hoped to emulate at some point, as well as a few different parks that have hosted Provincials in the past that have PA booths, equipments storage, washrooms close by, etc. ).....Big dugouts, great scoreboards, etc, etc

Chilliwack's Diamond Storage - Scorer's - PA Booth

The pics in this album show what Chilliwack (Host of the last two Midget Provincials and the 2014 Midget Westerns) presently has that Richmond "may" want to take a look at in helping facilitate the usage of the NEW diamond being put in at Minoru Park.