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While much “About Us” – and what we’re hoping to do in the baseball community – can be found on other pages of our site, suffice it to say that we’re willing to help out in any which way we can when it comes to baseball.

Be it from offering grassroots programs, such our “Just Play Ball” initiative, to helping out those playing college baseball. Whether locally in Richmond where we’re based, or in other regions of the Province.

Let us know any time we can be off assistance to yourself (or anyone that you know) looking to enjoy the game as a player, casual participant or simply a “FAN” of the game!!



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“FAQ” About Playing Little League Baseball In Richmond (In 2018)

First off, “Thank You” for your interest here in checking out an exciting new opportunity for those wanting to play Little League Baseball in Richmond. Our goal here is to try to answer every question or concern you may have prior to registering your child anywhere for the 2018 Season. 

  1. “What’s the difference between Richmond Baseball and Richmond City Baseball”.

TDC began using the much more established name of “Richmond Baseball” when it became clear that the current “caretakers” for Richmond City Baseball were headed into a direction not quite in line with what I personally felt that our organization could support.

That, along with them possibly not providing the same benefits for Richmond players as those in other jurisdictions get to benefit from (i.e. White Rock).

That’s not to say one is better than the other….Just a different choice to explore when wanting to register your child in organized baseball.

For the 2018 season and going forward, TDC has turned over the “Little League” initiative to a group that will go by “Richmond Little League“. This after our TDC group put together a very successful 2017 INAUGURAL Season on behalf of 25 first time players and their families. More information will soon be available on the new groups website at www.richmondlittleleague.ca (Under Construction).









2. “What’s the cost to play”?

That’s to be reviewed by the new board of “Richmond Little League”, but the plan is to keep it substantially lower than what has historically been offered by others for “Community Baseball”. As a matter of fact, there’s some plans to make it basically FREE for the 2018 season for those children 8 years old and younger. (And for those parents that sign up to volunteer on a regular basis be it for coaching, board positions, etc)… Please stay tuned for further developments in that regard.

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TDC Looks To Take The “JPB” Program To The Next Step For The 2017 Season

Everyone has the “Right To Dream”…….Right?????…..Whether SIX OR SIXTY!!!….(See the poll question and vote!!).

ESPECIALLY when you have so many people willing to step up to the plate and support you!!….With Baseball BC willing to help us administer the original JPB program – and subsequently The BallYard At Sport Central, Sport Central Ownership, 5Tool Baseball, South Van Little League, Little League BC , Richmond Girls Softball and the City Of Richmond helping out as well with our NEXT goal of being in Victoria for the 2020 CANADIAN LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS – why wouldn’t you?


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TDC – along with the help of “The BallYard At Sport Central” – continue to try to put the finishing touches to a NEW Indoor Game tentatively dubbed as “Z – BALL”… (After the ZOOKA MACHINE to be used at the outset here.).

If you and your family – or your family of friends for that matter – would like to participate in a TEST game, give us a shout at info@thedugoutclub.ca OR text 604.250.3432

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve – Napoleon Hill…….or something like that!!!

Serj Sangara – TDC Director

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