WELCOME BACK ALL THOSE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE “JUST PLAY BALLERS”!!…… After a super successful second summer season (say THAT 4 time’s in a row), we were super excited about moving the Just Play Ball program INDOORS for the first time.

The Dugout Club continued our partnership with BASEBALL BC (the PSO for our sport), in bringing this program INDOORS to Richmond.

While TDC and Baseball BC ran the Indoor Program pre-Xmas, we’ve now “partnered” with the Cambie Community Centre in continuing the goals of the program at McNeely.

The opportunity is open for BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS FROM THE AGES OF 5 – 12 years of age….5- 8 year olds will be in the 6 o’clock session and 9-12 year olds will be in the 7 p.m. session. Please register accordingly unless you have received clearance to move up or down.

They’ll continue to work on some FUNdamental skills, it’s also about having an opportunity to “Get out there with your FAMILY AND FRIENDS for a couple hours and have some laughs while LEARNING to play a GREAT GAME………… Making new friends for a lifetime – OR becoming interested in playing the game in an organized league – are just added bonuses for putting yourself out there!!

NOTE: Participants are required to abide by the rules set out by the hosting Community association.


 NEXT SESSION is as per the Community association registration page.

For those wanting their children to make some new friends and lasting memories – with the added bonus of learning to play “The Game” the right way – we hope to see you out there shortly!!


  • THE GOAL, besides providing mentorship and some solid role models, is to  continue to encourage MANY MORE children to come out of their shells – and homes – to play an organized sport.…. Be it baseball, lacrosse, soccer, etc… From LAST YEAR’S “JUST PLAY BALL” program, we had 25 players sign up for LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL (along with others that joined in with them.)
  • Parents or guardians MUST be sure to register on-line with the Community Centre. This allows both insurance coverage for the child as well as giving us an idea of how much help we need to solicit each week. In regards to BOTH “numbers” and the breakdown of age groups expected to come out.
  • Session space is limited, so we must ask that all participants REGISTER in advance.
  • The program is being provided by “Volunteers” who have a passion and love for the game and simply hope to pass it along to those who may be interested in pursuing the opportunities as presented.
  • Please consider purchasing your child’s own batting helmet if at all possible. (Presently available for $10 from TDC)…Gloves will continue to be made available for those that require such.Bats will be supplied, but IF you have access to your own, that would be helpful in your child’s long term development… (Jocks are also a good idea!!)

In closing, we’d like to give “THANKS” to BASEBALL BC (and many others that have come forth) for their assistance and guidance in bringing forth this effort. It’s much appreciated by those throughout the community.

NOTE: SUMMER PROGRAM NOTE: – Your assistance helps keep this program FREE!…. Consider purchasing a TDC to help promote the program!!

One of many machines that can be used.

One of many machines that can be used for pitching!