Mission Statement

The “DC Baseball Builders Club” (a registered Not-For-Profit Society) was founded in 2009 by a group of individuals that wanted to promote, stabilize and aid in the growth of the local Douglas College Baseball program.

Due to the support given by the college in later years – both financially and administratively – it was felt that the opportunity to move our energies towards a broader scope of the “Diamond Sport” community had presented itself. Thus the moniker “The Dugout Club”. The dugout being a place where at times you find support and shelter, camaraderie, and yes, even the odd time, knowledge and wisdom.


1. To continue to develop a non-affiliated website for “Baseball Fans” – whether Player, Parent, Coach, Umpire or Administrator – with perhaps a bit of a local flavor.

2. To help as many children as possible (boys and girls) be introduced to the great game of baseball.… Be that at the grassroots level or introduced to a HIGHER performance level than presently being offered in Richmond.

3. To help TEAM BC win  another Midget AAA National title. (Note:”Originally” stated as a MIDGET SELECT TEAM but all options remain open there.).

4. As the Richmond Olympic Oval continues to explore the feasability of “Academystyle programs, we hope to encourage them to continue supporting the sport of Baseball to be amongst them. Well be that alone, OR in conjunction with other training facilities we find ourselves involved with. (Presently SPORT CENTRAL.)

5. To continue to support such causes as KidSport, Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation and any others that may be brought to our attention from time to time.

6. To continue to promote “Baseball Games” being played at all levels …. Whether Indoors or Outdoors!!

Those goals won’t be attained without the help of our local business partners found on this site, so please support them when it makes sense to do so on our behalf. It’s through the help, generosity, and leadership of those interested in this cause, that we can make a difference.

Hopefully you’ll follow along a successful path with us, and if not, we’ve always said “We’d rather fail at something we love, than succeed at something we don’t.”


1. Met our initial goal of helping Douglas College Baseball reach the NWAACC playoffs for the first time in their history (2012), as well as playing a small part in getting them to the NWAACC Championships. (2015 Season).

2. Directors took on the challenge of establishing a “JR MEN’S LEAGUE” through the BCMBA…. While most at the time believed that “Kids 19-25 don’t have time to play baseball”, the league began play with 9 teams thanks to TDC and others such as Ron Suffron (New West Baseball) and Tony Croasdale (Newton Baseball).

3. Helped establish “BASEBALL” as part of the legacy of the Richmond Olympic Oval. With two batting cages installed – by showing management just “what baseball could do in there” – and baseball programs being run as part of their offerings, we feel we succeeded in our task.

4. With a number of the current directors spending YEARS contemplating ways we could get LATRACE FIELD converted to AT similar to UBC, it became a reality during the 2015 season. While it didn’t quite get “finished” the way we hoped it would, it’s a great place for baseball (especially in April / May) and one that we hope gets used for years to come.

5. The JUST PLAY BALL program was successfully launched during the Spring of 2016. Over 100 kids – most of which had NEVER played an organized sport before – participated in the program… The hope is to build on that further in the coming years.

6. Helped establish a viable “Little League” program in Richmond, that while only playing exhibition games in 2017, find themselves currently preparing for the 2018 District Six playoffs that leads to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.